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Roulette Tricks – Introduction

Roulette Tricks – Everybody wants to win when playing roulette, not?! Like any game it is all about winning. And with roulette even more… as there is money to win! Would be great to have indepth knowledge of the best roulette tricks out there to boost your chances of winning. Tricking the live roulette dealer or the casino is the dream of most players.

Mastering the trick of the century that makes you the winning player at online live roulette every single time would be the golden nugget! But are there any roulette tricks that are able to increase your chances to walk out of the casino with some serious cash? On this page we will tell you all about it!

Let's look at the definition of a “trick

The authority site Merriam-Websterr is pretty clear about the definition of a trick; a crafty procedure or practice meant to deceive or defraud and that last word says it all, not? Defraud…

So basically, what you are looking for is a roulette tricks with which you can defraud the online casino where you want to play. Or shouldn't we take that defrauding too seriously?

No, of course not! You are simply looking for a legal way to trick the casino, which hopefully increases your chances of winning. But do you really need a trick when playing Roulette? There are many legit systems and strategies that supposedly increase your chances of winning. Have you heard of them?

The difference between “roulette tricks” and a strategy or system.

Using Roulette tricks is trying to fool someone, in this case, the live roulette dealer. But applying a strategy is not. Neither is applying one of the many strategies one can use whilst playing roulette. There is no tricking involved. You follow a pattern or system that, according to some professional players, gives you a better position to win. No roulette tricks were used!

play roulette with tricks



Don't confuse strategies for roulette tricks, they are really different!

Let's focus on the Roulette tricks (instead of strategies) people use to cheat at roulette

A simple search on Google for a search phrase like:”how to win with live roulette” delivers millions of pages with all kinds of roulette tricks, strategies or systems. All of them claim that if you use X,Y,Z strategy, you will win tons of money. However, none of them guarantee you will actually win using them. Most of those pages end with a disclaimer stating there is no guarantee. And that is true. Those who consider themselves experts at the game of roulette might have better odds when using a system. The novice player, however, better steers clear away from them.

Hence we will not go into further details about strategies on this page, we will focus on tricks used in the past by players to cheat at roulette.

There are some famous stories about roulette tricks used in casinos, and we will try to find out if they are true or mythical.

Tricking Roulette with a laser-beam

Take a laser beam, direct it at the roulette wheel, and follow the ball falling into the pockets. Just follow that procedure for a few spins, and voila, your roulette trick is born. Sounds pretty high-tech, doesn't it? Well, this one actually happened in the Ritz Casino in London. In 2004, a gang of three tried, and partially succeeded, in tricking the casino at the roulette tables. How?

Well, exactly as described above, with a laser pointing and following the ball, pockets, and the wheel, one of the tricksters noted down all the spins' results. Based on these results, they calculated the probability of the next number. This way, they were able to walk out of the Ritz Casino with hundreds of thousands of winnings.

However, the Serbians that pulled the roulette trick almost couldn't enjoy their “winnings” as they were caught on the act. What followed was a court case which gained a lot of attention from other professional Roulette players as well as casino owners. Both hoped that the judge would decide in their favour.  The judge ruled that although ethically and morally is might be debatable to use this trick at the roulette table but as such it was not illegal. So the Serbian trickster-gang won and could take all their money home. However, they were never seen again in casino's in London!


Avoid playing the American version of Roulette. This is not even a real roulette trick but merely a simple advise, always choose  European roulette. By adding the double zero (00) to the wheel the Americans have increase the house edge significantly. Only by doing this the house-edge on the American version is 5.25% against you.

Now if you compare that to the house-edge on European and French roulette games (we are talking 2.7%) this has a huge effect on the chances of winning at roulette.  Now why would you choose a version of the game that gives you a lower advantage? Is the casino tricking you or do you want to beat them the easiest way possible?!


Master one, or more, of the renown roulette-strategies that are being used for years by some of the most famous roulette players. Okay we have to admit, this might not be the easiest “trick in the book” but for sure it has helped some player make a lot of money in the passed.

Now before you start to read into all kind of different methods to trick the roulette game please take notice of this:


Although some players are skilled wen it comes down to applying a strategy with roulette tricks this does not mean you can too. It takes time to master them. And even after months of trying they still might not work for you. So do not complaint when you don't win.


Look for reliable live casinos that offer a free chip! Hardly any online casino allows you to play live roulette with a free bonus, but there are some! Why not use this trick to play for free and have a chance at winning some good money with roulette?

In general, all table games are excluded from the wagering terms and conditions. Some casinos do offer a % that counts towards fulfilling bonus T&C's but that is usually so low (0.15%) that it isn't worthwhile to turn over the bonus.

However, some live casinos offer new players a free chip upon sign-up! This chip can be used at any of the live dealer tables. So use this to your advantage, and maybe you will be lucky and win some money!

Can you apply roulette tricks at these games and win?! Try it!

But players are not the only ones who use tricks…

did you know that brick & mortar casinos manipulate the environment in which you are playing roulette (and other games)? Yes, it is true… casinos use all kinds of tricks to keep you inside and playing. A Few of them are very obvious:

  • Free alcoholic drinks for everybody who plays at the tables or slots!
    (A bit of alcohol makes you a bit more relaxed and willing to risk a bit more)
  • No cash bets can be used; only digital payments or casino chips
    (Plastic is given out easily as it has no real value to us humans. One sees a number but no real money)
  • Bells. lights and other alarms to drag the attention of all players
    (When a player wins big at any table or slot, all players will be made aware. This makes you want to win, too, and keeps you playing!)

And now for the hidden casino tricks that keep you playing…

  • Ever seen a clock in a casino?
    Of course not; they do not want you to know how long you have played Roulette or any game.
  • When was the last time you could look outside through a window in a casino?
    Most probably never, as there are no windows in a casino. This casino trick is used to keep you inside and not seeing activity outside, which might help you to realise that you are playing too long already
  • When visiting a casino, do you always feel strong, healthy, and energetic?
    Well, no wonder—the casino tricks you once again. What hardly anybody knows is that many big casinos fill the casino floor with pure oxygen. By doing so, the level of oxygen on the game floor is a bit higher than normal. This results in you feeling fresh and energetic and makes you stay awake. A nifty trick to keep you playing, not?


*As we have written before, there are live casinos that offer a free bonus, which you can use to test your roulette tricks. However, it should be noted that not one of the casinos above offers this free bonus. They all offer live roulette, and we guarantee you that they are among the best you can find on the internet. And yes, they also do offer promotions, which you can use when playing live roulette—but not the free chip, as some other casinos do.

Although using a free chip to try your roulette tricks can have its benefits be aware that any free bonus given in a casino always comes with Terms and Conditions. Wagering requirements apply and are hard to fulfil. Hence we always advise you to play roulette (or any game for that matter) with your own money. You know what you lose… but if higher importance, you know that your winnings are really yours!