Live Casinos Online are widely available all over the world. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Holdem or one of the new live casino games, you name it and for sure it is accessible online. Play the best casino games against professional live dealers, communicate via live-chat straight out of the comfort behind your device. Being it mobile, laptop or desktop live casinos are at your disposal in a few clicks. Try a game today, lady luck might be standing next to you!

Live Casinos are dedicated casino studios or real casinos that are equipped with High Definition camera's and supporting software to provide a real casino experience straight onto your device. Being it desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile you have direct access to real casino table games.  7 days a week 24 hours per day, non stop excitement!

Unique real live casino features and benefits streamed directly live to your destination

  • Travelling is gone, access all live casino games directly from your destination. Being it home, work, holiday or during commuting
  • Multiple game selection and wide array of stakes to bet during any live casino game play.
  • Native live dealers and croupiers assist you in a professional matter to guarantee you the best and most realistic casino experience Further native speaking tables operated exclusively for key licensees
  • Highly skilled and friendly hosts are available to explain all rules and etiquette at the live tables   
  • 100% secure software monitors and safeguards all bets placed and played.

Advantages Playing Games at Live Casinos

Finding the ideal mix between staying at home and playing casino games is easy when signing up at a reliable online live casino. There are loads of advantages when playing live casino games online.

It really doesn't matter if you choose to play live roulette or want to “take a chair” at the Blackjack tables. You will experience a lot of advantages opposed to those still playing downloadable software or slots only. The closest thing to visiting a real casino is playing live games, as good as it gets!

How You Benefit Playing Live Games!

  1. Direct access to all live table games from one account
  2. No need to go out, drive into the city, find parking and not being able to drink alcohol
  3. For those who still do, you can smoke in the comfort of your own house. (try to do that at a roulette table in a brick&mortar casino)
  4. Play multiple live games, like a hand at the blackjack table and using your winning strategy placing bets at roulette, at the same time

How to sign up at a live casino online

Live casino are very different from the regular games you can play in an online casino. But the sign up process to register your own players-account is exactly the same. Logically when one knows that the live games are part of an online casino. It will be next to impossible to find a dedicated live casino that doesn't offer any software games. Yet we estimate that 99% of the regular online casinos offer a broad selection of live dealer games in their game lobby.

So to register an account gives you “both for the price of one”.

Below you can find the process of registering your own account at the casino of your choice. In general most of the steps are equal for the fast majority of the casinos you'll find online. Maybe on some steps it differs a bit but usually the sign up proces for an online casino account is straight forward.

  • You begin with clicking on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button.
  • You fill in the personal details that are required. Make sure to fill in your real details otherwise you will encounter problems in the future when you want to cash your winnings or make a deposit.
  • Check the boxes that you need and/or like to check. (Promotions can get you free bonuses which some player like!)
  • Go to your email account and check if you have received the registration confirmation

The rise of live casinos and the games they offer

Early 1996 the first online casino made it appearance on the Worldwide Web (WWW). Before that year one was only able to visit all live casino nowadays often referred to as “brick-and-mortar” casinos. Staying at home participating at virtual casino-games did not exist before that.

If one wanted to pick up cards against real dealer or try their luck with the dices a trip to a casino was required. Software made it possible to play form your house. And in 2012 a new feature came available in online casinos. Live Dealers Games!

Live Casino Developers

Current markets leaders Evolution and (later) Netent used the principle of the “traditional webcam” to create a new way of playing games. Streaming directly from the tables at real casinos or special built studios made it possible to bring table games, with real dealers, accessible from any place in the world. The camera monitors the dealer and the playing field, nifty software does the rest.

Masterminds, creating the obvious…

As ingenious the new casino feature turned out to be, simplicity was key. The webcam… who had thought of that. Not using it is was it designed for, making people go outside their house on a virtual way. But bringing entertainment INTO their house. Sounds like television not? Basically this is the same as most of the programs presented on live television.

With one small difference…

The interaction with dealer and croupiers is minimal. A bit of chatting with the player and monitoring the bets on the table. But how are these bets placed on a virtual table? Does the player inform the dealer via chat? No, here is were the live casino software kicks in!

Simultaneous with the streaming of the table a “live line” is registering every option the player selects with his mouse (or on mobile). Bets, numbers chosen (Roulette) and if one passes or asks for to be dealt a new card (live card games). There is no physical placing or handing over of chips. This all happens virtual via the software. Not even the dealer sees bets on the Roulette table.

Only with the cards games the dealer actual deals the cards. But even at these tables the whole placing of bets, calling, raising and or doubling (Blackjack) is dealt with by the software. The dealer focuses solely on the cards.

Images and other Artwork All images used on this page are property of Evolution Live Casino software. Undoubtedly the current leader for both land-based and live casino software. Providing professional dealers at their Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker tables they are the main supplier for leading casino brands in the world. Besides streaming from their traditional live casinos, operating from real land-based casino's, they have professional dealer studios located in Latvia, Malta and Canada. Evolution Live Casino software keeps developing new games purposely built to re-create that real casino feeling. By continuously adding new exciting games they strengthen their leading position as a global player.