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Online Roulette – virtual version of the most popular casino game

Online Roulette – There can hardly be any doubt that the biggest invention (besides roulette) of the 21st century must be the internet. Look at the possibilities one can do online, hard to grasp the enormous (and unlimited) extent of the World Wide Web. Can one honestly imagine that online Roulette, the most played game in a land-based casino would conquer the web too?!

Playing Roulette online against live dealers started only around 2012, but this game's online version came available in early 1996. That was the year the first roulette online software appeared on the web. Enabling players to play roulette on their computers at home.

Playing online roulette at internet casinos

online rouletteAs mentioned previously, 1996 was the year that the best online roulette casinos started to appear on the web. Smart software developers thought the time was ripe to start competing with the enormous casinos in Vegas and other parts of the world.

And right so they were. It is hard to imagine casinos on the internet not offering multiple variations of real money online roulette. Hundreds of thousands of players worldwide take a seat at one of the thousands of virtual roulette tables online. Which is no surprise with the top-notch quality offered online. Land-based casinos can hardly compete with the superior

FAQ about roulette online

As the online version of the game differs substantially from the live roulette games we have put down a short FAQ section that answers most of the questions you might have. Might you have any further questions about the online roulette game, providers or software contact us via our contact form which you will be able to fill in here.

Is it hard to learn to play online roulette?

If one never has played free online roulette games are easy to learn. The same goes for the online version. so the answer to how hard it is to learn online roulette gambling is short, it is very simple and anybody can learn it! Most of the casinos online offer free versions of roulette games and/or special tutorials which go over all details of the game. Trust us, you will be able to place your first bets in minutes.

It is all about placing (or figuring out( the right bets at the table. On one of our pages about ” how to place bets at roulette” we will discuss more in depth that aspect of the game. Moreover, we will explain how to use your chips wisely and proper etiquette at the table.

Where am I able to play online roulette for real money

There are no casinos that do not offer real money roulette online. Being it the most played it is logical that really money roulette is one of the most sought-after games. The software games are provided by several software providers and 99% offer both practice and real money modus.

This is ideal as that way the players that are just beginning can play as much as they want for free. Enabling them to learn all ins&outs of the game. On the other hand, those who want to place real money bets at the online roulette tables can make use of the same game.

Live roulette for real money can be played in any live casino. Live dealer roulette doesn't offer the option to play (or practice) for free. This is understandable given the fact that the live croupiers are paid professionals. 

Point of attention: Those players opting to play in the practice mode should be aware that all bets are practice bets and one is playing with virtual money. So one can only win or lose virtual money. The casino will pay No real money on winnings in the practice mode.

Can I play roulette for free online?

Yes, but only in the practice mode as written above. This also only counts towards the software roulette at online casinos. Live roulette tables do not offer to option to play for free. You can close the game when playing the software for free and your play money has finished. After opening a new game, you can play roulette for free with a new virtual practice budget.



Roulette – did you know?

  •  All the numbers on the roulette wheel ad up to 666… the Devil's number!
  •  The biggest consecutive run of the “boulette” dropping in a red pocket was 36!!
  •  17 is the most played number on the roulette tables worldwide… most probably cause it's the favourite number to play for James Bond in many of his movies
  •  The largest run on the same number is 7 times. It happened in Vegas when number 19 came up 7 times in a row!


 Which variations of roulette are available online?

Not sure if we are familiar with all the different variations of roulette on the web but there are a lot. We visit many online casinos frequently, but one can never be sure. As there are dozens of variations of the roulette game we will mention the most famous three, those are;

  1. European Roulette – The most played variation of the game. The European Roulette tables are widely spread at all casinos. This version if for 99% equal to the original French version.
  2. French Roulette – This version is the one and only original version dating back to the early 1800s. The playing field consists of one zero and 36 numbers divided over the betting field.
  3. American Roulette – American casino owners hate losing out on games hence they came up with a solution to increase the house margin. An extra field was added the double zero. Adding an extra field increased their housed edge from the standard 2.7% to nearly double 5.26%. The latter obviously results in a lower edge for you the player. Hence we always advise our readers playing at live casinos to choose the French or European version of Roulette.

Above mentioned games are the “founding fathers” for the many variations one can find online nowadays. But there is more!

Exotic variations of the game online

online roulette variationsCasinos always try to be innovative and frequently launch new games to keep pleasing players. Hence roulette with three wheels, double wheels and balls, and party versions have found their way to the internet.

Or what to think of the game which takes place under a big glaze dome?! This version is commonly known as the Slingshot Auto Roulette version.

Feeling to play with a multitude of different players in one go? Then you would have to find a table offering you the Party mode. This is a nice “gimmick” for parties, events and real online roulette.

Would applying strategies increase my chances of winning?

A lot of professional players are convinced that applying strategies to their roulette game increases their chances of winning at the tables. But is this really the case?! We can not answer to that question.

Of course, we all know the stories of players winning huge sums at the roulette tables by using a certain strategy or system. But do not forget those are very skilled players, playing the game for years and knowing all the do's and don'ts. The real professional players. They might use a winning strategy.

But for you, the casual player using a strategy is not advisable. Applying a roulette strategy requires a lot of skills. The Martingale strategy for example. With this system one has to double the bets, at one point you will win not? Wrong, this can only happen if you have enough money to keep doubling. Besides that most online casinos don't even allow you to double more times as written in their terms and conditions.

Casinos weren't born yesterday….

Playing with systems is nothing new to casinos, whether online or land-based. They know all the tricks in the books. Hence there is a limit to what you are allowed to do whilst playing online roulette live. Limit to bets placed, limits to amounts placed and even time-limits ate the table can be applied by casinos. Beating the house can be done but breaking the bank will never happen..

As far as we can see, applying strategies is not advisable for new and casual players. Can you prove we are wrong? Let us know and we will consider posting your strategy or tips.

Want to read exiting and fun stories about Roulette? See if you can find the the book about Norman Leigh or check out the Ashley Revell's story on youtube..

What is the difference between online roulette and live tables

Although one can play live roulette in any land-based casino this is not the right wording when doing so. At land-based casinos, one plays “roulette”. Now if one plays that same game (against real dealers) online, this becomes “live roulette”.

Hence live roulette is not the same as online roulette. The latter is a pure software-based game. Both are played via the Internet but are not the same.

Most casinos offer both versions and the good thing is you can access them both with your own player account. There is no need to open a dedicated account for participating at the live tables. The account you use to play online roulette will do the trick.

Real Money and High Roller Bets at Online Roulette

Yes you can! In fact you can only place real money bets when playing live roulette online. Software games can be played in practice mode. That way no real money is needed. However you can also never win real cash when playing "practice mode". Live roulette bets are always made with real money. The dealers and players at the live tables are real so the "practice mode" is no option here..

The "best bet" to wager on roulette is questionable. If one refers to the best that returns the most at roulette the answer would be any single number. If you bet on a single number at roulette and this number falls you get a return of 35 your initial bet. So the single number bet gives you the highest pay-out is also one of the most difficult chances to win.

If we're looking for the "worst" bet in terms of house edge, it would typically be the single number bet (also known as a straight bet), While the payout for this type of bet is the highest (35 to 1), the probability of it happening is the lowest. In French Roulette, you have 1 in 37 chances of winning a straight bet, as there are 36 numbers plus a single zero. This means the house edge on this type of bet is about 2.7%.

But then again, as mentioend above, it also pays out the most. So it really depends on what you yourself consider a bad wager?!

Although some want to belive math can be of influence when playing online roulette, the truth is it does not. Many ingeniously clever scientist and mathematicians claim to have a code or strategy to beat roulette. Unfortunately till today there is no proof given by any of them. Sure, there are strategies and systems that have proven to lower the house-edge of casinos but lowering the house-edge is still no guarantee winning for a player.

Yes, all online casinos offer dedicated high roller tables. In fact high roller roulette players should always be looking for live casinos when they want to play roulette at high stakes. Live roulette casinos offer private tables, high stakes tables and have dedicated loyaltyprograms for players that bet high stakes on roulette.