roulette systemsRoulette, which system works?! – Entering a casino, or even an online casino, there is nothing to compare to the sound or anticipation of the roulette wheels spinning. It even reminds us of our own life, and our personal wheel of fortune. Roulette intrigues us and we all know about “historical winnings whilst conning the casino

Sometimes we will, sometimes we lose, but the wheel and life keep going on. Professional gamblers and others have thought to beat the game, and use a roulette system. Are they a myth or can one win roulette with a system that works? Are the stories about wealthy professional gamblers a myth or did they get rich by applying a roulette system which works?! .

Can a roulette system guarantee winnings on the long run?!

There is no way to anticipate a totally random event. Each spin of the wheel is unique from every other spin. The only thing that can be anticipated is that the ball will land on a random number, and that the majority of people betting on the roulette table will have lost. The odds for the house in roulette are very much in their favor. That is why the odds are so high on the single number bet (35 to 1).

Why do People Play Roulette if it’s So Hard to Win?

The answer is simple. People play roulette as it is a thrilling and exciting live casino game. The thrill of risk is so appealing to many people, and as roulette gives that thrill, its one of mankind’s favorite gambling game. In one way or another, roulette has been used for thousands of years. Today’s game is very sophisticated, and offers a multitude of bets.

Besides that people have a fascination for numbers. Come on let's admit it who doesn't have a lucky number? A date, a year or just a “lucky number under ten“. Now with that last one your option on the roulette-tabel shrink hard so make sure to have a lucky number under the number 37!

If There Are No Winning Roulette Systems, Do People Win at Roulette?

The answer is yes! Although there is no way to predict either number or color of any spin, there are ways to insure the odds can be in your favor. How can this be done? First of all, stay away from the American roulette table. The double zero reduces the player’s odds than the European table. Play European Roulette. Not sure yet?

Well we have written a full page about “roulette tricks that might work” so if you are eager to learn more just click here.

The Two Ways to Bring the Odds towards the Player

There is no way to bring the odds totally in the player’s favor, but there are two methods to bring them toward the player, and get a fighting chance.

  1. Method 1 Play Two Columns; If you look at the layout of the roulette table, there are three columns of 12 numbers each. If you place a bet on two of the three, the chances are in your favor that in 2 out of 3 spins you will win. As the payout on the column is 2 to 1. So if you win 2 out of 3 times you are way ahead. Play columns.
  2. Method 2 En Prison Rule; This is a rule that can give the player some advantage on the European table. “En prison” bets applies only to even-money bets. The even money bets are odd and even, high and low and red or black. En prison means your bet is safe in case the spin turns up a zero.Having bet “en prison” the player can take back either half of the bet or leave the whole bet until the next spin. If the next spin be a zero as well, all the whole bet is lost.

However. Playing “en prison” the odds advantage of the casino on the ‘even-money bets’ reduces to half, meaning its 1. 29% in the casino’s favor. These odds are almost even and very good for the player and this is the best bet, with the best odds you can play so use it!

Applying mathematical systems at roulette don’t work, but the above two methods (particularly en prison will give you a fighting chance with the best odds you can get for a game a chance and help you win at roulette .