Check your live casino terms and conditions

Live Casino Terms & Conditions Explained

Live Casino Terms – Do you have an issue with your online or live casino, and do they refer to their online casino terms and conditions? That’s typically when people realise they have never read these online casino terms and conditions. We accept them and start playing. Time to have a better look at them. What exactly are these terms and conditions and how do they impact your live gambling activities

When do live casino terms and conditions apply?

Always. They cover every interaction between you and the online casino where you want to play live games. If we want to play some rounds of blackjack or roulette, we log in or subscribe. Like any other online service, you accept the terms and conditions with a ‘tick in the box’. And as long as everything goes fine, you will never need them.

Like all contracts, people only start studying their contents when encountering problems. As soon as you feel the live casino didn’t treat you well, it is time to start reviewing the live casino terms and conditions. Why wouldn't you do that upfront? Isn't it much better to read live casino Terms and conditions before they can become your “enemy” and might be used against you?!

Yes, but I hate those small fonts.

It is probably one of the oldest psychological tricks, but every company uses it. If you need a customer’s attention, use big capitals. If you want something to be ignored, use an 8-point font type. Live Casinos are not particularly mean; they just use the same tricks as anyone else.

So, the live casino terms and conditions of live casinos are often written down using somewhat unattractive and formal language and using the smallest character set that your browser can handle. No worries. Just copy them into a Word document and use a bigger font. Or use the ‘Ctrl +’ key to enlarge the text on your screen. Most browsers nowadays support the feature of enlarging text.

Besides “blowing up” your screen, it is good to know that many websites explain Terms and Conditions in layman's terms. One site we liked is, and you can read their explanation of the Terms and Conditions by following this link.

Do you need live casino terms and conditions in a legalised market?

If there are clear gambling rules and regulations in a country where the live casino you play has a license, is it still necessary to check its live casino terms and conditions? Yes, that’s still recommendable. Although the casino must comply with local laws, it still has its terms and conditions.

They define the detailed commercial agreement between you and them. They also outline details about procedures like payments and withdrawals. And, last but not least, how does their bonus scheme work, and the so-called wagering requirements? You cannot find information about casino laws, only the terms and conditions.

Casino laws overrule online casino terms and conditions

Note, however, that national regulation is still important for you, the player. A company can make its terms and conditions but is not allowed to use conditions that are non-compliant with the law. Agreeing with a casino in a well-regulated country also has another benefit. If there is a real dispute between you and the casino, the gambling authority may play a role in this conflict.

It is good to understand that signing T&Cs doesn't exclude you from any legal rights. Casinos tend to write the most ridiculous terms and give you the impression that they are binding. Do not fall for this trap when you end up in a dispute with the casino.

Any consumer is protected by the law. So are you as a player! Don't forget that in the end, you are a consumer too.

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What information can you find in the terms and conditions

Below, we list a few topics which you can find in the live casino terms and conditions of a live casino.

Account registration and management

The live casino terms provide more detailed information about how—and under which conditions—you can open a player account and what verification checks are required. What can you do with your account, and what is not allowed?

Under which conditions can the casino terminate, block, or close your account? At many casinos, for example, it is strictly forbidden to register multiple accounts for the same person.

Deposits, winning and withdrawals in live casinos

It also explains how to deposit money into your account and withdraw it after a successful session. This is important information to check since you often must upload certain documents (like a copy of your identity documents) before your first withdrawal.

The live casino of your choice will also ask for your bank account details. If you win with money from a casino bonus, you must first fulfil the wagering requirements before withdrawing any money from your account.

Online casino data security and privacy

It is important to check how the casino handles your data. Since casinos—like any other company—must follow the new privacy laws, they should be transparent about why they collect your data and ask for your permission to do so. Also, check if they can show you which data they collected and whether it can be removed from their database (the so-called right to be forgotten).

Measures for Responsible Gaming

Under modern gaming regulations, a casino must protect players from the negative aspects of gaming and gambling. It should responsibly organise its offering of live games. For example, casinos must prevent underage gambling and protect vulnerable customers. It should provide a self-exclusion program and the possibility of setting time or money limitations.

Complaint handling in live casinos

Are you unhappy with how the casino or its live dealers treated you? The live casino terms and conditions should indicate the proper channels to register your complaint. In addition, it should also be clear what legal ways are available to solve your dispute in case the first line of complaint handling doesn’t solve the issue. This includes clear information about which court will settle such disputes.

The above does not cover all of the live casino Terms & Conditions for casino use. It also doesn't cover the general FAQ of live casinos. Those can be found below or on our FAQ page by clicking HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions about T&C's

  1. Can I trust live casino terms and conditions? Trustworthiness depends on the reputation of the casino and the clarity and fairness of their terms. Reputable casinos typically have transparent terms that protect both the player and the casino.
  2. What do online casino terms and conditions cover? They typically cover aspects such as eligibility criteria, deposit and withdrawal procedures, bonus terms, wagering requirements, account management, responsible gambling policies, dispute resolution, and jurisdictional matters.
  3. Are there any hidden clauses in online casino terms and conditions? While reputable casinos strive for transparency, it's essential to carefully read the terms to ensure you understand all provisions. Look out for clauses related to bonus restrictions, withdrawal limits, and account suspension conditions.
  4. How do online casino terms and conditions affect bonuses and promotions? Terms and conditions outline the rules for claiming, using, and withdrawing bonuses. They often include wagering requirements, game restrictions, and expiration dates. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in forfeiting bonuses.
  5. What are the legal implications of agreeing to online casino terms and conditions? By agreeing to the terms, you enter a legally binding contract with the casino. It's crucial to understand your rights and obligations under these terms, as they govern your relationship with the casino.
  6. Can I dispute online casino terms and conditions if an issue arises? Most casinos have procedures for resolving disputes outlined in their terms. If you encounter issues, such as unfair treatment or withheld winnings, you can typically escalate the matter through customer support or regulatory bodies.
  7. Are there any age restrictions mentioned in live casino terms and conditions? Yes, online casinos usually require players to be of legal gambling age, which varies depending on jurisdiction but is typically 18 or 21 years old.
  8. How do online casino terms and conditions handle responsible gambling practices? Responsible gambling policies may include self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and resources for managing problem gambling. Casinos are often required by law to promote responsible gambling and provide support for players in need.
  9. Can online casino terms and conditions change after I agree to them? Yes, casinos reserve the right to update their terms and conditions periodically. However, they should notify players of any significant changes and provide an opportunity to review and accept the updated terms.
  10. What should I look for in live casino terms and conditions to ensure fair gameplay and protection of my rights? Look for clauses related to game fairness, privacy protection, secure transactions, and clear procedures for dispute resolution. Pay attention to bonus terms, withdrawal policies, and any restrictions that may affect your gaming experience. If unsure, seek clarification from customer support before agreeing to the terms.