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Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games – Playing the best casino games instantly on a device, connected to the internet, has been done since 1996. However, playing real live casino games only became available in 2012! Amazing not?!

Who had thought back in early 2000 that within little over a decade one could participate at a live casino game table from anywhere in the world?! And you thought landing on the moon was “a giant leap for mankind“?!

We are not sure how fast the development of Internet and virtual casino games will go. Don't be surprised if you will be able to play virtual live casino games very soon. Can you imagine going to Las Vegas, Macao or Monaco just by putting on your VR glasses?! That would give you the most realistic live casino experience you have ever had!

How are Live Casino Games different from traditional games

We have to assume that all regular visitors of online casinos are familiar with the “traditional software games“. These games are built by IT- and coding specialist. They write complex codes combined with a piece of software that calculates probability, the so called Random Number Generator (RNG).

Together with the development of the code -the engine of the game- creative designers start to design all the symbols and front face that will be part of the game. This can be any theme, think of Dead or Alive, Starburst or blockbusters like Spiderman. When both code is wirtten and design is “built” together a casino game is ready.

A Live Casino Game is realtime live combined with software

Although there is coding involved in live casino games too there is hardly any work done by designers. There is not much need for creative design as you are face to face with a live dealer at a real table. Well face to face… the dealer is facing a camera.

But don't let the camera fool you. There is still a lot of software involved in any game broadcasted from live casinos. Every outcome of stakes placed the casino tables (won or lost) need to be registered. You can imagine that with almost unlimited numbers of players at live casino tables even a well trained dealer can not handle all stakes and outcomes. Therefore a very complex software is written.

This software registers every move a player makes. You can imagine with a game as live roulette there can be hundreds of actions per spin.  So the software assists the dealer. This way the dealer is able to focus on the game and the players participating.

Which Live Casino Games Are Available?

Beside traditional table games there are a few new live casino games developed in the past years. Games like Dream Catcher can be played live. But also several new live game versions of Roulette, Poker are present. On top of that even a game as Football Studio will soon be accessible in the live casinos powered by Evolution.

The full list of games available at casinos offering live games:

  • Roulette with extended versions like Immersive, Lightning, Speed, Slingshot and Double Ball Roulette
  • Blackjack and special variations like Blackjack Party, Bet Behind, Perfect Pairs and Pre-Decision
  • Baccarat (Speed and Squeeze Baccarat are optional for some live casinos)
  • Casino Hold'em and the Ultimate Hold'Em version
  • Three Card Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Dream Catcher

Who registers my actions and bets?

As mentioned before even though the dealers are highly skilled at the live casino games it is impossible for them to keep track of all the action at the tables. Hence they are supported by software. This software is the engine behind everything you do at the table. It is all very self-explanatory.

Basically everything you were used to do like placing a bet or decide what action to take (think to stand with Blackjack or draw a card at Baccarat for example) is done in the exact same way as playing software games. You don't even have to talk to the dealer if you don't want to. And no, he or she can not see you either. All your actions and bets are completely hidden behind your username. This is the only thing the dealer (and other players at the table) can see of you. All your actions and best are encrypted with software.

You are free to use the chat-function at the live casino table to communicate with the dealer or your fellow players. Using this will also not reveal your real identity. That is when you yourself don't put it down in the chat of course!

New live casino game releases in 2024

The latest live casino games for 2024 feature a mix of new experiences and technological advancements that aim to enhance player engagement and excitement. Some of the standout new games include:

  • Entertainment Games: These are games designed to blend traditional casino elements with engaging, game-show-like experiences. Notable new titles include “Funky Time,” “Snakes & Ladders,” “Jumanji The Bonus Level Live,” “Gonzo’s Treasure Map,” “Treasure Island,” “Crazy Pachinko,” and “Travel Fever Live.” These games are developed by various providers and offer interactive gameplay and creative themes.
  • Roulette Variations: New versions of roulette that have been introduced include “Nexus Roulette,” “Gravity Roulette,” and “Jet Set Racing Roulette.” These games often incorporate features like multipliers to increase the potential payouts.
  • Poker and Baccarat: Although fewer new poker games have been released, “Millionaire Video Poker” is a notable addition. Baccarat has seen introductions like “Mega Baccarat” and “Xxxtreme Lightning Baccarat,” which are designed to add more thrill to the traditional gameplay.
  • Dice and Lottery Games: Enhancements in dice games include “Instant Super Sic Bo.” Lottery-style games like “Vegas Ball Bonanza,” “Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball,” and “Lightning Lotto Live” have also been added to the mix.

These live casino games are available across various online platforms. Most casinos continually update their game lobbies to include the newest innovative live games. The focus is on creating more immersive and visually appealing experiences, leveraging advanced graphics and interactive elements​.