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Playing VIP Live Roulette – Introduction

Playing VIP roulette live is one of the best live casino experiences today. Which game is better equipped to provide you with a real casino VIP treatment than roulette? It is one of the most classic casino games which by nature combines style, class and excitement.

Where can you play live roulette?

Live roulette is offered at most internet casino’s today. They typically run a live casino section provided by one of the leading game providers like Evolution Gaming or Playtech. These companies have large studio’s with numerous roulette and blackjack tables and literally hundreds of croupiers or dealers. They are open day and night and the croupiers are trained – or even native speakers – in many languages. Besides the live casino studio’s, there are also live roulette games at dedicated tables in existing casinos like the Dragonera Casino on Malta. However, live casino studios in combination with HD camera equipment often provide the best possible playing experience.

From live roulette to VIP Roulette Live

Although VIP means Very Important Person, in the live casino’s you don’t need to be a famous sports hero, an Oscar-winning actress, a wealthy businessman or some other celebrity to get entrance. You don’t necessarily have to bring a big wallet either. VIP roulette is not just for big rollers, frequent visitors of the casino are often invited to participate at one of the VIP tables. You should realise however, that the minimum bets are somewhat higher compared to the common roulette tables in the live casino.

Minimum and maximum stakes in the VIP rooms

playing VIP Roulette Live screenshotBy default, live casino games have minimum bet levels which are higher than minimum bets in the online casino. There is a simple explanation for that. With a real dealer and real roulette equipment, you must generate a certain revenue to make the game profitable for the casino. Playing with 10 cents doesn’t work in a live casino.

So on average, the minimum is around 1 euro, dollar or pound. At the live VIP roulette versions, this will in general be slightly higher, 5 or 10 euro for example. Nevertheless, also minimum bets of 1 euro at the VIP Live casino are sometimes possible.

The real differences are often in the maximum bets which are significantly higher. There are even live roulette tables online where players can bet more than 100,000 per spin. Don’t worry that you make such a bet by mistake. Your balance must have enough credit before you can make such a bet in the VIP zone.

Benefits when playing vip roulette live

What are your benefits when you play live roulette as a VIP? We mention a few. As a VIP Roulette Live player, you play at the best roulette tables. The live casino providers staff their VIP tables with the most attractive, entertaining and skilled croupiers. Combined with the High Definition camera equipment and the possibility to even select camera angles yourself, you have a breath-taking casino experience. And you don’t have to check the opening times. You can play at any time, any day of the week.

No special VIP Roulette rules

As a VIP Roulette Live player, the key difference is the casino atmosphere and experience. The roulette rules are the same as for standard European, France or American roulette:

  • You can place your bets at the roulette table with a simple tap or mouse-click until the croupier indicates that betting is not allowed anymore.
  • A variety of bets is allowed. From the risky straight-up bet on a single number (paying 35:1) towards the 50 per cent chance even money bets on red or black (pay-out 1:1).
  • The croupier or dealer spins the roulette wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction.
  • If the ball loses speed and terminates in one of the 37 pockets, you know whether you have won or not.

The VIP Roulette Live software automatically registers your bets and checks your winnings in the end. Wins are directly added to your balance. The advanced software allows the croupier to really focus on the audience. Over 10 players at a single table are not an exception and since the software takes care of the betting as well as the balance adjustments, the croupier can pay attention to the individual players and operate the roulette wheel. As soon as you enter the roulette VIP room you feel welcome. And the personal touch of the croupier adds to the wealthy experience.

Many different roulette versions available

There are of course many roulette variants and many of them are also available as a VIP roulette game. You have for example European and American roulette. American roulette features not only a zero but also a double-zero. Since that means that there is an additional chance that the ball ends in a ‘non-winning’ pockets for the player, American style roulette has a significantly higher house advantage. Therefore, also for VIP players, European roulette is recommended.

Besides the common bets VIP roulette also supports Neighbour bets. This doesn’t mean that you play together with some other player in the VIP room. Neighbour bets are also called section bets or call bets and allow you to bet on a specific range of numbers which are grouped together on the roulette wheel. So, by using neighbour bets you can bet on a specific section of the wheel. Not a very well-known option for many common players but since VIP players are often specialised players, it may be an option to give it a try.

Live roulette with a special twist

Do you like the luxury casino atmosphere but also like to play from your couch? And you appreciate a chat with a croupier who knows where he or she is talking about and is quite entertaining. In that case, VIP Roulette Live could be your game.



Roulette – did you know?

  •  All the numbers on the roulette wheel ad up to 666… the Devil's number!
  •  The biggest consecutive run of the “boulette” dropping in a red pocket was 36!!
  •  17 is the most played number on the roulette tables worldwide… most probably cause it's the favourite number to play for James Bond in many of his movies
  •  The largest run on the same number is 7 times. It happened in Vegas when number 19 came up 7 times in a row!